Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful day! I just wanted to give my two cents today on my top five ways to retain length. This is strictly my opinion and what has been working for me, but I’m sure everyone can benefit from most of these tips provided.

1. MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE: I believe the most important step you can implement in your routine is keeping your hair strands hydrated. I have already talked about hydrating from the inside out in a previous post, but let me remind you, drinking water and plenty of fluids is very important! What you put inside of your body will very well show in your outer appearance. Also, spritzing your hair with a water based conditioner or simply water every night or when it becomes dry can have a major impact on the health of your hair. Hair tends to break when it is dry and brittle, so keeping your strands from becoming this way can ultimately help you retain length.

2. DEEP CONDITIONING: Finding a deep conditioner that works for you is very important to the health of your hair. I deep condition my hair once a week.  A good deep conditioner will provide moisture for your hair. It will also help your hair take on the stress and manipulation you put your hair through in between your wash sessions.

3. SATIN SCARF OR PILLOW: Cotton pillowcases rob the moisture in your hair. Satin scarves and pillowcases enable you to retain the moisture you worked so hard to get and it also protects your ends! So make sure you invest in a satin pillowcase if you are not keen to sleeping with a scarf on your head at night.

4. GETTING TRIMS REGULARLY: I regularly (maybe too regularly) trim my ends. I tend to go overboard, but I digress. Dusting (trimming an eighth of an inch) your ends regularly will help keep split ends at bay. Your hair cannot thrive with split ends creeping slowly up your hair shaft! Get rid of them! It’s nothing worse than a girl holding on to scraggly, see through ends for the sake of some “length”. As your can probably tell this is a pet peeve of mine. Ladies, trim about every eight weeks or when you deem necessary, just please don’t walk around with scraggly ends you will have to get rid of them at some point in order for you to retain length in the future!

5. MINIMIZE YOUR USE OF HEAT: I straighten my hair maybe twice a year and probably won’t do it again for another couple of years. I say this for two reasons, first of all, it doesn’t last long enough and secondly, it only takes one time for you to acquire heat damage no matter how careful you are. Everytime I have straightened my hair I have acquired some sort of heat damage and I’m back at square one nursing my hair back to health. And to make matters worse, my hair may have remained straight for a day or two, so that’s months of work for a day of straight hair. The trade off is not worth it for me. So if possible, use heat sparingly and when you do make sure your use some sort of heat protectant!

Hope these tips are helpful!! Have a good one:)

Importance of a “Cheapie” Conditioner!


First question you may ask is, what is a cheapie conditioner? Well, simply, a cheapie conditioner is a conditioner you use for everything, from co- washing to deep conditioning, or even a leave in when you have ran out of styling products. You may use it to gently cleanse your hair or you may mix it with your favorite oil and use your new concoction to deep condition. Whatever the use, you need a whole bunch of conditioner. That’s the beauty of a good, cheap conditioner.  You can be as heavy handed as you need to be and you will never have to worry about it breaking your pockets. My favorite “cheapie” conditioners are Suave Naturals and Herbal Essence Hello Hydration! I bought two bottles of Suave Naturals for $3. I will get plenty use out of those bottles of conditioner. I will use it to detangle, co-wash, deep condition, and a leave in! If you haven’t found a good cheapie conditioner please do so a.s.a.p! It is life changing! And if you are on the hunt to find a good one, try Suave Naturals or Herbal Essence and let me know what you think! Conditioner is the ONE thing you never want to run out of!



1. Tell me about yourself.

My name is Danyelle Paine and I am a graduate student of New Orleans Baptist Seminary. I am a divine specimen made by God. I love the color purple, reggae music, and Betty Boop. I play the guitar. I can speak English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. I love to serve and volunteer in the homeless community. I am aiming to change the world.

2. How long have you been natural and what made you decide to go natural?

I have been natural all of my life. In my house we got hot combs. I never had a perm and was afraid of them because I would hear people say they burn. I couldn’t imagine having my head burn for a period of time so that my hair can be straight.

3. Have you always embraced your natural hair texture?

My mother taught me that straight hair is good hair. The way my hair coiled and curled was nappy. So I grew up ashamed of my natural hair. It was in college that I began to embrace my natural hair. I loved the way my hair looked because it was different. Straight or curly it’s all good hair. Texture does not determine quality.


4. How would you describe your hair?

I would describe my hair as very thick with two types of curls. I have some tight curls in the very back with looser curls in the front. About 3 years ago, I got locs and I love them. I embrace my hair to the fullest.

5. What is your natural hair regimen?

I am big on clean hair that smells good. So I would wash my hair every couple of days or weekly. I also love to use a great daily moisturizer.

6. What products can’t you live without?

I can not live without my black bees wax with jojoba oil, Suaves Almond and Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner (it’s cheap and a great moisturizer). I use Pantene Pro V relaxed and natural hair mask for my leave in conditioner. I also use castor oil with some olive oil as a moisturizer.



7. How do you retain length and maintain the health of your hair?

I maintain the length and health of my hair by loving my hair. When you love your hair, you take time to care for your hair. I also grease my hair weekly to keep the moisture.

8. What lessons have you learned during your natural hair journey?

I have learned to not be afraid of my hair. I learned to always have a protectant on my hair, if I am applying heat. My favorite heat protecting serums are Paul Mitchell smoothing serum and Chi silk infusion.

9. Is there any advice you would like to give to other fellow curly girls?

My advice to all of the natural ladies of the world is to firstly love you. Once you’ve established that then love your hair. Embrace your hair and recognize it for the beauty that it is. If you’re hesitant about going natural and are afraid of the big chop, then start slow. Chop a little at a time because going natural is the best thing for your hair. Your hair will be its healthiest. To all my newbies, do not run because you do not know how to style your hair. I educated myself by YouTube. I watched those videos until I was a pro. You can do it and it does take time.

10. Where can we find you?

You can find me on facebook @Danyelle D-nice Paine and Instagram @danyola


Feature Friday: Felicia


1. Tell me about yourself.

My name is Felicia! I am a graduate of McNeese State University (get an education)! I love talking/ listening to people about life in general. I’m currently working with children with autism ( Behavioral therapist). I also attended Bible college at Cottonwood Leadership College in California. I love traveling, hanging with friends, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. How long have you been natural and what made you decide to go natural?

I have been natural since March 14, 2012. I decided to go natural because I wanted my natural hair color to come out more. I was confident that I could pull of any look. I also wanted to see the true texture of my hair. I thought to myself is, “Is my hair as nappy as I think”?

3. Have you always embraced your natural hair texture?

I did not embrace my texture at first! However, my first reaction was it’s not that bad but I need a wig.



4. How would you describe your hair?

I would describe my hair has thick and soft. I would describe it as a sponge, it soaks up products. It can be dry at times, kinky curly, and volume. In some parts my hair has a curl pattern especially when its wet but even after being natural for over a year, I still have to cut straight ends.

5. What is your natural hair regimen?

First and foremost, I am not diligent on my regimen. I do feel eating healthy promotes hair growth, as well as drinking lots of water. I always begin and end my hair wash with cold water. I shampoo some times but I definitely wash my hair with conditioner  and style with a leave in conditioner. I have my spray bottle with bottled water and conditioner. I can’t and don’t style my hair unless it is wet. I try to wear protective styles so I only wash once a week! I will do a twist out and put a cap or cute beanie on.

6. What products can’t you live without?

I can not live without cocout oil (organic)!!!! I used Miss Jessie’s Crème de La Crème (Target) my first year. I will be testing out Shea Moisture soon. I also used Hawaiian Silky (Sally’s Beauty Salon).

IMG_1525[1] 7. How do you retain length and maintain the health of your hair?

I maintain length and health by keeping my hair moisturized. I tend to have a tendency to want to touch my hair when I am bored at home so I try to wrap my hair as soon as I get home. I have noticed braids/ kinky twist have helped the length of my hair. I love pulling it all up and doing a twist out. I believe it was a protective style that I could look back and see the growth.

8. What lessons have you learned during your natural hair journey?

I have learned to embrace every stage! I regret not rocking my boy cut because everyone can’t be you! Own your look because only you are brave enough to stand out of the crowd. I learned that my hair can grow! When I was perming my hair, it never grew. However, with in a year my natural hair length was longer than it has ever been since childhood!!!

9. Is there any advice you would like to give to other fellow curly girls?

I would say embrace it! Seek out twist out tutorials on YouTube!! If your twisting and it doesn’t feel good it probably will be the best twist out ever!!! Do not use products with alcohol on a regular basis. Try to incorporate more fruits into your diet. Don’t give up on your hair. I would pray over my hair as I washed 🙂 YouTube or tutorials will not solve every problem, you have to train your hair! It’s like your baby, you have to see what works for it and nurture your progress. You are training your hair it takes patience.

10. Where can we find you?

Fb, instagram, twitter, etc..

Instagram: Seasonchanger






1. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Adrienne. I love being active and anything athletically competitive and I LOVE movies, particularly RomCom & Action! I’m not the best at styling my hair but I try, that’s what counts right?!? Also, I’m blessed to be married to my love and new hubby! @malc04

2. How long have you been natural and what made you decide to go natural?

It’s been about 4 years. I noticed my hair was unhealthy, my ends were terrible. I wanted my hair to grow so I figured I had to change something.

3. Have you always embraced your natural texture?

Not always, I sort of went back and forward with it when I was younger. I love my hair now, straight or curly.



4. How would you describe your hair?

Long & thick, curl pattern is 3b.

5. What is your natural hair regimen?

I typically wear my hair straight. I go to my hair dresser often because I feel more comfortable letting a professional style it rather than flat ironing it myself and potientially damaging it. When I wear my hair curly, I always use Curl Enhancing Smoothie right after washing it and apply mousse to the ends to enhance my curls.


6. What products can’t you live without?

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, Curl Enhancing Smoothie, & mousse

7. How do you retain length and maintain the health of your hair?

I very rarely flat iron (usually twice a month), and when I do, my hair dresser usually does it. I use heat protectant, and I don’t color or highlight.

8. What lessons have you learned during your natural hair journey?

I can live without a relaxer and it’s not nearly as hard to maintain as I thought it would be.

9. Is there any advice you would like to give to to other fellow curly girls?

It’s all about what you want, try out different methods and products (by word of mouth) to find what works best for your hair and what you prefer.

10. Where can we find you? Fb, instagram, twitter, etc..

Twitter: @AMoneySmooth

Start of Natural hairIMG_4830IMG_4766IMG_4349IMG_4263IMG_3509IMG_0546IMG_3427

Benefits of Drinking Water for Healthier Hair


I’m sure you have heard over and over again that you should consume 8 to 10 glasses of water per day in order to stay healthy and hydrated, but did you know the amount of water you consume directly affects hair growth? Water is the main source of energy for every cell of the body including the cells that drive hair growth. Water makes up 1/4 of the weight of the hair strand. Dehydration directly impacts healthy hair growth. A lack of water can result in a lack of moisture in your hair which further results in dry and brittle hair. Hair may actually stop growing at the maximum genetic rate if you don’t intake enough water. Water keeps the body hydrated and it is the carrier of nutrients. It promotes a healthy shine in hair and skin. Drinking more water can be the best thing for your hair, especially if it is dry and brittle. If you’ve tried everything else to bring life to your hair and nothing is working, drinking water may be exactly what your hair regimen is missing.