Curlynikki Controversy: Natural Hair and Race


Let me just say that everyone, no matter race or gender, is welcomed on Hair A.D.D.  I, also believe, that women of color experience more backlash and negativity pertaining to our hair than any other race. I believe that women and men of any race can share their journey, but recognize, that people of color experience much harsher criticism than other races when it comes to standards of beauty. Curlynikki was never racially exclusive, or exclusive to women with only certain curl patterns or a certain texture of hair, which in my opinion, means it is a space for anyone to share their journey. Many women and men have their own stories to share dealing with self image issues and self confidence that can stem from looking different than the ideal standard of beauty. I do understand the argument of “sharing our space” with different races, but in my opinion, as long as other races can respect “our spaces” without trying to falsely internalize our struggles, they are welcome to participate. Curlynikki’s site was created “to serve as an online hair therapy session for those struggling to embrace their naturally curly hair….as a platform for each of you too share your experiences, frustrations, and triumphs of being naturally glamorous,” (About Me page on curlynikki), she never claimed that her brand or website was exclusively for women of color, but of course it was very natural to make that assumption. I definitely feel like women of color need a space specifically for them, but it doesn’t hurt to allow others to participate and to learn, as long as they recognize why that particular space was created and respect it. Either way, I believe we can have an intelligent conversation about this matter! Please feel free to leave your opinions respectfully below in the comments section. Let’s have this conversation!

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2 thoughts on “Curlynikki Controversy: Natural Hair and Race

  1. This shrinkage is really getting too me,pls help I’m ‘twa able to twist real short,but every night that hard,I have been natural at 1 year curl pattern curly tight, but I want to keep it feminist, give me suggestion pls

    1. Hi! I’m sorry to hear you are having a hard time dealing with shrinkage but it definitely comes with the territory! My hair is bra strap length stretched but still shrinks to my chin when I wear a wash and go lol! When I had a TWA it wasn’t long enough to pineapple so I put my hair into 2-4 small ponytails at night! If your hair can fit into two ponytails, try putting one at the top and one at the bottom before bed! When you take it out in the morning your hair should be stretched! I hope this is helpful, but just remember that shrinkage is a sign that your hair is healthy! Let me know how those ponytails work out for you!

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